A Wonderful Game to Play Alien: Fireteam Elite

The story Of Aliens: Fireteam Elite includes aspects of all the films and traditions of The Aliens universe. Through different dialogues in the game and collectibles found on the various maps, you will learn a lot about Xenomorphs, The army and other organizations from other games and movies. Your created character does not have too much background, but there are countless ways to do it yourself. If you are a Fan of alien films and surrounding traditions, you will find a lot of interesting information and hidden Easter eggs throughout the game. A good part of the narration is about collectibles. You won’t experience too many cutscenes while playing Fireteam Elite. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because it helps to keep them in action.

At first, the game and its environment seem to repeat each other a little, but soon they overcame some of the original maps, the environment opens up and the enemies are more diverse. The different classes and customizations become a little more useful with these changes. Most missions are structured in the same way. Go through a few corridors, build defenses and action waves of enemies. Even if the structure is predictable, there is still a good level of challenge and fun. I had a lot of situations when I ran out of ammunition and had to run to the next interesting point. These situations add a lot of excitement and fun to the normal Stop-and-Pop gameplay offered by the aliens. Once you have become more skillful, you can experiment with challenge cards. These add interesting variations to the Gameplay and give you the opportunity to earn additional XP.

This game is made for Cooperative Gameplay. Four different classes are available when players start the game. Classes can be freely switched and updated in the Hub section, the more you use them. You can choose between the marksman, the finisher, the technician and the Doc and once you finish the game for the first time, Recon becomes available. If you play alone with robots, I recommend that you try the technician or the Doc for maximum survival. There is an online matchmaking component for this game that opens up different strategies for your team. When playing with Bots, they are always gunners by default and are really only recommended for the first game missions and lower difficulty levels.

Overall, Aliens: Fireteam Elite looks good. It won’t be the best thing you’ve ever seen, but the character models, weapons, Props and environment are very detailed. There was really only one thing that bothered me while playing the game. When you talk to the different characters between missions, their mouths don’t move while you’re talking. It can be a little difficult and not disturb others who are playing the game.

Aliens: Fireteam has a lot to offer and also cuts a few corners. I think the price tag makes people a little less hesitant to come in and try the game. It may not be the most visually striking game, but it doesn’t look bad by any means. At first it seemed that the game would have a lot of the same environments and enemies, and this opens up a constant crowd after leaving the first missions. The game world expands and begins to integrate the traditions and enemies of all the films. So there are new enemy variants that have never been seen before.

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