Complete Review of Biomutant

Biomutant’s biggest weakness is its approach to dialogue and storytelling. The story begins with the return of their little mutant fox creature to their homeland. The omnipresent narrator informs you that there has been an ecological disaster and that the tree that keeps the world alive is dying. They return home to save the world and avenge their parents. This is told to you by an abundance of stories stuffed with gibberish, strange metaphors and philosophical advice. The authors of Biomutant heard the saying “Show, do not tell” and followed exactly the opposite path. The player is not overwhelmed by the grief of seeing his character’s parents die, he is told by the narrator “ “you feel immense sadness.”The game does not show you that the world is dying (it looks healthy and full of life), but tells you every five steps that it is dying and that you must save it. The narrator tells you that the world is polluted and that animal life is rare, but it certainly doesn’t sound like that. Many video games suffer in the same way from a lackluster narrative. The problem with Biotmutant is that the narrator exacerbates the problem until it is unbearable.

Satisfying gameplay and character training have saved many RPGs from failure; Biomutant lacks both lifelines. Moving around the world is eye-catching and fluid. The jump and the double jump feel sensitive. However, that’s all the game has to offer in the Gameplay department. Close action and targeting are extremely inconsistent. There is no lock function: your character automatically targets the nearest enemy, and it is often difficult to hit the desired target. Sometimes you can stun enemies, sometimes they hit directly through your strikes without warning and knock you out. The strikes of smaller enemies are often imperceptible and too fast to dodge or block, while larger enemies use the same three moves when they are not near them. Therefore, the best strategy seems to be to use only ranged weapons and kite endlessly, mainly because they have infinite ammo. Most enemies will follow you like Zombies and won’t be able to hurt you unless they have their own weapon. It is much better to do this rather than go to hand-to-hand action and take the risk of immediately being a shot. Overall, the action seems awkward and inaccurate.

Unfortunately, the RPG aspects of the game are also bad. There are several skill categories to choose from, but most are almost fully unlocked after the first two hours in Biomutant. There is no diversification of construction, because there are no important decisions to be made.

Your character has different stats that you can invest in as you progress, but it doesn’t make much sense to think about what you should put points on. A Value only increases the speed of Movement and not much. I really like to create theoretical trainings and plan my characters in role-playing games; however, this aspect simply does not exist here.

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