Residual Game That Everyone Appreciates

When you launch the game for the first time, you choose The Avatar and you will be married to your first planet. You have a small floating robot as a companion. I was delighted to hear that this companion was voiced. It adds more character to the game because there are not many other dialogues in the game. The Bot also gives you tips and tutorials while you play. All your devices and tools are the same, no matter which planet you land on, but some creatures and landscapes may vary. Depending on the planet you are starting, there are also different peril that you may experience. During my reading, I decided to create different backup files so that I could take a close look at different environments. One planet seemed quite docile when it came to the different creatures, while another planet had a huge tremor-style monster. This is a game without action and weapons. The goal is not to action the creatures you discover, but to learn more about them and avoid them when they cause damage.

When traveling around the world, you have a huge arsenal of tools to discover and use while exploring. By discovering the secrets of the planets, other tools and recipes will be discovered. For example, there were different places that I couldn’t reach because they were too high, but as I was collecting more vines and wood, I was able to learn the recipe for making a ladder. There is a bit of “Metroidvania” in it. As you unlock more tools and skills, different parts of the planets will be available to you. The game does a good job of making this feeling of exploration and discovery non-repetitive.

As I mentioned earlier, Residual is also a survival game. You need to constantly monitor the energy in your body, hunger and health. If you are too involved in exploration, you may run out of energy and faint. This will take you back to your ship and you will have to cross the dungeon to get to the place where you were before. The developer won’t leave you here high and dry. There are a few things that can help you on your journey. When you start the game for the first time, you get a teleporter. It is wise to place one near your ship and keep the other ready when your energy decreases. In addition, you will eventually learn how to make a campfire that will increase your health and energy without having to return to the ship. There were a few times when I passed out and I didn’t know why. I didn’t know if I wasn’t paying attention or if it wasn’t communicated in the game. It hasn’t happened that often, so I’m not going to hit it too hard. The more I play the game, the more fun little survival elements appear. I’m not going to spoil too much, but only pay attention to your equipment, your environment and how different things in The environment affect you.

If you like games like No Man Sky, Animal Crossing and Terreria, this is the right game for you. There are endless worlds to explore and it is almost comforting to play them. The different dungeons are really cool to explore and the puzzles spread over the maps don’t take me away from the experience. There is a lot of replayability in this survival exploration game and if you want a bigger challenge, you can enable The Permadeath Option. With each planet, there are new puzzles and secrets to discover. There have been a few times during the game when I feel like I’m excluding myself from completing a planet, but it’s quick and easy to switch back to a new game. Residual is a charming survival exploration game developed by a person who clearly has a passion for his profession.

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