Review of a Royale Battle Game Spellbreak

Take magic, action royale elements and sprinkle a small avatar (The Last Airbender) on top and you get a Spell Breaker. This multiplayer spellcaster game has one of the most accessible action royale modes we’ve played, but it has so much more to offer. In an interview with Jesse Kurlancheek, co-founder of the proletariat, he let us know that Spellbreak is a game that has a BR mode and not just a BR itself. Like many games these days, Spellbreak is constantly evolving and becoming more and more of a platform.

When I first tried Spellbreak, I was immediately hooked on the gameplay and art style. Playing action Royale mode, it immediately felt more accessible than other games. There was a certain tension that was absent at the beginning of the match and that’s a good thing. The ability to search and recover to increase the power of your equipment and magic was really different from looting weapons in other games. I have the impression that you have time to get an idea of the Earth before embarking on an intense action. Being able to start with a “weapon” of your choice is a big change. The ability to start with a weapon and a style of play that you are comfortable with is a welcome change in the genre.

The gameplay here is quite natural. I think everyone should be able to kick on and do well in their first few games. For me, there seems to be less general tension, which makes the game more accessible. Some mobility options and abilities allow players to escape and recover from unwanted experience. There were times when I walked around the map for a long time without seeing other wrestler, but this is not unique to Spellbreak. It can be left to the luck of the draw. Of course, as the playing field narrows, things start to get a little more hectic, but by then you’ll be better equipped for action.

There are six different elements for you to choose from and they all play differently. If you want to play and be a little more accurate with your shots, you can use lightning or wind elements. If you want to treat more area of impact Damage, ice and toxic elements are the ones you need. What makes action really unique are the combinations you can make with the different elements. The combination of wind and lighting creates a light tornado that stays on the playing field for a few seconds. Toxic and fire will create a cloud of explosive gas. When playing with a team, the combinations you can make are “unlimited”. You can also use your enemy’s strike against them, so there is a lot of strategy that can be implemented here.

When viewing the game, a new game mode, Clash was added. Clash is a team deathmatch mode where two teams of 9 action to reach the score limit first. Once banned, you will return to the map and will need to pick up all your equipment. There are no consumables in this game mode to keep the time per game at a reasonable time. It can get very hectic here, but there is a lot of fun to be had. This game mode is also a great workout for the final rounds of action Royale mode. It may be necessary to make some adjustments when it comes to scaling different aspects of the games for this mode, but overall it’s a lot of fun.

With the addition of new game modes and a quest system, Spellbreak continues to improve on the base game. The proletariat did a great job of creating a platform for a game. They left a lot of room for expansion in the future. The art style is beautiful and bright. There are a ton of character skins to unlock, but I wish only one character could be customized with more details. A lot has happened in the making of Spellbreak and the future looks bright for this title. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

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