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At a time when indie games began to really challenge studio games in terms of quality and popularity, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 received Scott Pilgrim vs the World: the Game. Scott Pilgrim ended up as a beloved Indie darling with a cult following that I somehow missed. After four years of release, the game was removed from the list due to licensing issues. With the success of the film and the recent resurgence of beat’em ups like action Toads and Streets of Rage 4, it was time to re-release this love adventure to the masses.

If you haven’t played Scott Pilgrim vs the world: the game, this is a 2D side-scrolling beat ‘ em up game set in the world of Scott Pilgrim, where you action through levels in his hometown of Toronto in Canada to action his girlfriends, Ramona Flowers, evil Exes. If you’ve seen the 2010 Scott Pilgrim movie, you’ve got the plot. After years of unavailability, Ubisoft has released Scott Pilgrim vs the World: the Game Complete Edition just in time to start 2021. Here is my review.

The Full Edition

Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game Complete Edition comes with all the additional content from the original version, including additional game modes such as Boss Rush, Dodgeball, which literally involves hitting or throwing a giant beach ball at enemies, Survival Mode and action Royale, (not the Fortnite genre) and additional characters such as Knives Chau and Wallace.

Love Makes You Stronger

When you start, you choose your character at Level 1 and start action through the levels. As you level up, each character unlocks different types of moves and skills to use during action, such as a jump kick, a back elbow, etc. The more you play and progress in your character’s level, the stronger you become and the better the action throughout the game. As you action through levels like the shopping area, you can visit shops and buy takeaways to restore your health, items to make you stronger, and even find Wallace’s secret shop to buy extra lives. I found the action loop, leveling up, action a boss and getting that knockout screen when you beat the boss very satisfying. Leveling up in particular was exciting, playing as Stills, for example, meant I got more powerful punches and rolls, and it made it so much easier to action beefier villains.

Love Hurts

While action in the game to defeat Ramona’s evil exes, I found myself really enjoying the action, the environments, the action system, and the visuals of the comic that brought Scott Pilgrim’s version to life. I felt that there was a strange difficulty spike for some levels compared to others. An example is World 2, where the enemies were very frustrating to action from the very beginning with my character not equipped with an arsenal of moves. In particular, the enemies dressed up as dinosaurs and robots with lasers. I was finally able to get through the difficult period and get over it, but even if I played it again in hard mode, I immediately felt my fun meter dive when I hit this world again. The next section will include spoilers if you haven’t played yet, so watch out for spoilers for a game released ten years ago!

The problem I had was with World 7, which is kind of the last confrontation with Gideon, the last Ex-boyfriend. Going Blind with three lives, at the maximum level, I had a hard time going through the first two initial stages of the world. There is a path after the first stage of Gideon that relies heavily on knowing where you land or walk, there are also giant drops of red slurry or blood that have splash damage that can also cause you to fall off the platform. Needless to say, this was the next area of struggle to continue, but I did it.

Then I got to the next stage of Gideon, which I thought would be the last! Another embarrassing amount of trying, I have a hard time getting close to getting it down before I put the controller down and take a break. Luckily it was the break I needed, I managed to make a perfect run for the first stage, I got to what I thought was Gideon’s last stage, I beat him, and to my dismay and disbelief, it wasn’t even that. A there is another section and a boss action! If you still have lives, don’t pass away, because you’ll have to start over. This world is too long!

The Last Showdown

Aside from my problems with World 7, being able to hit my rhythm and get through this whole level was really awesome and that was far from my frustration with World 2. I would play World 7 over and over again if it meant I would never play World 2 again. It may seem that I do not like the game, but I love this game. I finished the last level, looked at the credits and immediately started a new match with Ramona Flowers on the next highest difficulty. I tried the additional game modes, Dodgeball is nice to try a few times but didn’t really hook me. action Royale requires me to have local players to action in a ring, so unfortunately I couldn’t try that. Boss Rush is awesome! I went through Nine bosses in ten minutes. The online functionality was limiting on the Nintendo Switch, I tried a dozen times to join an online game with no success, but I wasn’t too disappointed because I enjoyed my time playing the original levels more than the added modes. I did not expect to like this game so much. I haven’t felt this way since I played Hades in 2020. I’m glad I missed Scott Pilgrim the first time because I don’t know if I would have enjoyed it as much then as I do now. Beat ‘ em up aren’t usually the type of games I enjoy, but Scott Pilgrim vs the world: the game has probably changed its mind. I am motivated to play more games in this genre.

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